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Sunflower is a hit!

img_3605So Megan’s Sunflower guitar is done.  I thought it came out beautifully.  The rosette was exactly what she wanted, and I did the bee as a bonus.  It has long been packed up and shipped off (actually, she picked up while in town to run the Portland marathon) and I’m realizing now that I don’t have any good pictures of the full instrument.   Details, yes, and I’ll post a few of those:  img_3611

I love bumblebees, and was very excited to try to inlay one.  It was definitely a challenge to do, and I had to come up with new techniques to get it to look the way I wanted it to (eg, the semi-transparent wings).


The sunflower motif was the one visual element that Megan requested.  As an avid gardener who’s favorite flower is, well, the sunflower, she felt it would be a fitting way of personalizing the instrument visually.

The debut performance for this guitar was at the Portland Guitar Society (PGS),  which is an organization that supports, encourages, and mostly just loves guitar performance of all sorts.  I brought it to show a few friends and mentors who frequent the gathering.  Peter Zisa, who is a well known teacher in the area, and an excellent performer, volunteered his talents to play the instrument during the open mic segment.  He played music as it came to him (when I later asked what piece he had played, he smiled and said it was an interaction between musician and instrument).  I had liked the balance and tone of the guitar before hearing Peter play, but until then had no idea that it could sound like that!

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